Welcome party

At the beginning of the year, we host a welcome party so that our residents can get to know each other.

Carnival party

In February, we hold a Carnival party. Residents can invite their friends.

End-of-term party

At the end of the term in June, we bid farewell to the year with an end-of-term party.


In order to supplement our residents’ education, at the R.U.A. we will promote and support various activities, but it will be the residents themselves who are responsible for taking charge of making the arrangements and locating the necessary resources. However, we will provide support in finding and hiring the services as needed.

The expected excursions are: Toledo, Ávila, Segovia, El Escorial, Aranjuez, Acuapark water park, Warner Bros. theme park, the amusement park and Faunia nature theme park.